1. Trending Ecommerce from retail to wholesale

    The e-commerce industry is one that has completely changed the realms of providing consumers with products and services. For those who are unaware, e-commerce refers to the usage of online means to help provide customers with products. This generally refers to commercial transactions conducted electronically via the Internet. The reason this form of retail has taken off so rapidly is due to the fact that often there are 3 steps found in providing

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  2. Difference between B2B commerce and B2C commerce?

    What is B2B commerce?
    Well- B2B commerce, short for business-to-business commerce, refers to the transactions taking place between two business firms. When a business provides a service or product to another business it is known as B2B commerce.

    Essentially it can be understood that this mode of commerce is what refers to business between wholesaler and retailer. Where storage space is provided

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  3. Magento 2 Blog Post Sample

    Welcome to Magento Blog by Magefan. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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